Imaging Brazil 101: Bicycle on the Beach in Vitória, ES (2007)

A personal selection of photographs with their stories.

101. Bicycle on the beach


SEPTEMBER 2007: Bicycle on the beach

The flat coastline at Camburi Beach in Vitória is ideal for cyclists. In recent years, cycle lanes have been paved. You will notice that most bicycles are quite different from the solid European ones: Brazilian bikes are more suitable for any kind of terrain. More Brazilians possess bikes for short rides; they also are discovering the advantages of taking the bike to school, to the bakery, or even to the beach! However, bicycle racks were not that common in 2007. The only alternative was a young palm tree. In this case, a perfect solution. I was quite curious if the owner had locked his bicycle with what kind of locks. To my big surprise, it was only locked with a simple bicycle lock. It was not tied to the tree with a big chain. Dutch insurance companies would disapprove this, and there would be a big problem in case the bicycle had been stolen. Therefore, at a first glance, you might consider Camburi Beach as a secure place to park your bicycle, without the necessity of heavy chains and locks.

© Adriano Antoine Robbesom 2007, 2014

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