Imaging Brazil 001: Green Angel, Santos Dumont (MG)

A personal selection of photographs with their stories.

001. Green angel


JANUARY 2005: Green angel

Santos Dumont is a small city located at a little more than 200 km south of Belo Horizonte. Aviation pioneer Alberto Santos Dumont was born here; at that time, the town was called Palmyra. In January,2005, I joined a family to visit Santos Dumont. Downtown, there are some monuments honoring the aviation pioneer. Like a smaller replica of the Eiffel Tower with a balloon circling around it. Just a bit outside the center, my eyes caught something green. I aimed my camera and took a shot. A very lucky shot, because the picture shows a green hummingbird, which is considered a symbol of good luck in Brazil.

© Adriano Antoine Robbesom 2005, 2014

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