Brazilian Days (063): March 4

Brazilian Days 063 

March 4




1974 Inauguration of the bridge between Rio de Janeiro and Niterói

1630 Foundation of the settlement Arraial Bom Jesus in Pernambuco The settlement became the site of resistance of Brazilian indigenous against the Dutch occupation.

1914 Intervention of the Federal Government in the state of Ceará.

1760 Deportation of 199 Jesuits to Lisbon

1888 Abolishment of slavery by the city of Taubaté (São Paulo), as the first Brazilian city. On 13 May 1888, Brazil abolished slavery for good.

1897 Death of Antônio Moreira César, commander of the Third Expedition Army, in a battle against the rebels of Canudos.

1910 Birth of politician Tancredo Neves (1910-1985) Tancredo was elected president, but died prior to his installation as president of Brazil.


By Adriano Antoine Robbesom © 2007, 2015


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