Brazilian Days (061): March 2

Brazilian Days 061 

March 2


Dia da Luta Contra a Censura no Brasil (Battle against censorship in Brazil).

Dia Nacional do Turismo (Brazilian Tourism Day)


1572 Death of Mem de Sá (1500-1572), third governor-general of the  Brazilian colony

1996 Members of the satiric rock band  “Mamonas Assassinas” died in an airplane crash


1984 Inauguration of the Sambódromo – designed by Oscar Niemeyer – in Rio de Janeiro

1612 Baptism of the indigenous Poti (ca. 1600-1648), who received the name Antônio Felipe Camarão.

1630 Conquest of fortress São Jorge in Recife, by the Dutch

1814 Death of poet and priest Antônio Pereira de Sousa Caldas (1762-1814)

2007 Announcement of the discovery of light petroleum in the state of Espírito Santo, by Petrobrás

By Adriano Antoine Robbesom © 2007, 2015 .

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