Brazilian Days (060): March 1

Brazilian Days 060 

March 1


Dia da Vindima (Grape collector)

Dia das Crianças Doentes (Sick children)

Dia do Turismo Ecológico (Ecotourism)

Dia Pan-Americano do Turismo (Pan American day of Tourism)

Dia da Mais Bela Esportista Rural (Most beautiful rural female athlete)


1923 Death of politician and writer Rui Barbosa (1849-1923)


1565 Foundation of the city of São Sebastião do Rio de Janeiro – now Rio de Janeiro – by Estácio de Sá.

1894 Start of the construction of Cidade de Minas – now Belo Horizonte -, one of the first planned Brazilian capitals.

1845 Signing of the peace treaty by Caxias and Canabarro: end of the Guerra dos Farrapos, the Farroupilha War

1870 Victory of the Triple Alliance (Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay) upon Paraguay marked the end of the  Paraguayan War.

1553 Duarte de Costa succeeded Tomé de Sousa as governor-general of the Brazilian colony.

1894 First direct presidential elections in Brazil

1898 Election of Manuel Ferraz de Campos Salles as President of Brazil

1889 Maria de Araújo received a host from Padre Cicero: the host became the color of blood.

1919 Birth of politician João Belchior Marques Goulart

1983 The movie ‘Pra Frente Brasil’ won two prizes at the Berlin Film Festival.

1986 Launch of ‘Plano Cruzado’ by Minister of Treasury, Dílson Funaro.

By Adriano Antoine Robbesom © 2007, 2015


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